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through Nurturing Families of Acadiana

  • Since 1983, over 1.3 million Parent Handbooks have been distributed to familiesworld wide. Families in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, and England have implemented Nurturing Parenting programs.

  • Louisiana, Georgia, and Hawaii have implemented Nurturing Parenting statewide, and have achieved great success in various areas.

  • Louisiana participated in a pilot program demonstrating the effectiveness of delivering the program in a group/ home based setting to families involved in child welfare. We have helped to pave the way!!


Welcome to the Nurturing Families of Acadiana project! And thank you for wanting the best for Acadiana’s children, whether they are your own, or children that you serve professionally.

Nurturing Families is an evidence- based program that has been used all over the world to build empathy, respect and empowerment within families. More than teaching specific ‘parenting skills,’ as so many parenting curriculums do (although it does teach those skills as well),this program imparts a certain nurturing philosophy that makes it unique. It stresses the love, caring, and affection that our children need to thrive.

about the extra mile

The Extra Mile has been offering Nurturing Parenting for about five years. As an agency, we believe strongly in the philosophy that all human beings have a right to be treated with respect and compassion. Our philosophy was right in line with the philosophy of the Nurturing Families Program, and when we had an opportunity to work with the Community Foundation to make Nurturing Families more widely accessible, we jumped at the chance!

The Extra Mile is a private non- profit agency set up to serve state clients. We work with clients from the Office of Mental Health, Office of Addictive Disorders, Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, and the Department of Child and Family Services. We also operate Louisiana’s first ( and Acadiana’s only) Supervised Visitation and Exchange Center. For more information about The Extra Mile, please visit our website:

Or call us at 337.237.2090