for parents and professionals

for parents

Whether your child is a newborn, school aged, or a teen, we have a program that is right for you. Regardless of your own family history, we can help you learn to nurture yourself and your family!Schedule a class, visit our blog or discussion board, or learn more about how the nurturing principles can benefit your family.

Although the class was originally designed for families within child welfare, the philosophy underlying the program is important enough that all families should have access to it. Every parent wants to provide the best guidance they can for their children. In the class you will learn:

  • Parenting with empathy
  • Nurturing routines
  • Nonviolent discipline
  • Age- appropriate expectations
  • Child development

There are different curricula available to meet your needs. The Community Based Education in Nurturing Parenting is a prevention based program with ten class sessions. Parents can participate without bringing their children. There are also intervention and treatment based programs , available for families referred from the courts or other agencies.

for professionals

We think that to effectively teach families how to nurture their children, we must first be able to do it ourselves. The Extra Mile’s goal as an agency is to BE AS CARING AND RESPECTFUL as we can possibly be to anyone receiving services through us. As professionals, we sometimes forget how great of an impact our services can have on people’s lives. We also want to honor people where they are in their own journeys. The Nurturing curricula have assisted us in doing this, and as an agency and as individuals we strive to live these principles.

Contact us regarding holding a class unique to who you work with, or for getting staff trained in how to use the principles contained in Nurturing Families to better connect and empathize with, and ultimately help the clients that you serve. You can also contact us to discuss referrals to the program, or in setting up a class for your population.